15 Simple Alternatives to Reduce Your Plastic Use

15 Simple Alternatives to Reduce Your Plastic Use

Reducing its use of plastic is possible. Today, there are simple actions and many alternatives to a whole bunch of plastic products that we use every day!

So here are some tips for those who want to reduce the plastic in their life (and even switch to a zero waste lifestyle)!

1- Make an inventory at home (à la Marie Kondo tsé!)


The first thing you may ask yourself before you buy is this “Do I really need it?”, “Don't I already have it at home and could use it again?”, “What will I do with it once it is used? throw it away, recycle it, reuse it? ”...

You can start with take stock at home, of what you already have, of what is possible to be reused to give them a second life like bags, bottles, glass jars that can be used for your bulk food for example.

2- Reduce your plastic consumption at the grocery store (Level 1) 

Then we already know, but during your shopping, bring your reusable bags to avoid taking plastic bags during your checkout.

The ideal is also to slip in your handbag, an easy-to-fold fabric bag so you always have it with you for small everyday shopping! We also avoid overwrapped products: packs of plastic water bottles wrapped with ... plastic or boxes of cookies in which these are individually wrapped in plastic bags! An aberration, right ?!


3- Reduce your plastic consumption at the grocery store (Level: Skip to BULK !!! )

It is LA solution zero waste to drastically reduce the use of plastic and all packaging waste in general. 

Sourcing in bulk is getting easier and easier. There are more and more grocery stores that offer it. Bring your glass jars, reusable fabric bags (for bread, fruits and vegetables, dry food ...) your empty containers for laundry, washing up liquid, hygiene products ... and refuel! 

You can easily find fruit and vegetable bags brands Dans le sac ou Saksac, dBread / baguette bags and loose bag sets in natural cotton... These reusable bags allow you not only to do your groceries in bulk, but also to store your bread and other food afterwards when at home. 

For your first time, if you don't have a container, you will most likely find one there!

With the bulk you will make money savings because you will only pay for the weight of the product (may vary depending on the grocery store) and in addition the bulk allows you to buy the exact quantity you need, it's super practical! 

Sometimes we only need a small amount, we end up with the rest of the product on our hands and if we do not consume it in the following days, it will expire and it will end up in the trash ...

You are going on a trip but you do not want or cannot take too much of your shower gel (if you have to fly for example), you can use a smaller container and take the minimum you need.

So say goodbye to waste

Now here are some suggestions for sustainable products that will replace the disposable and plastic ones in your daily life.

Many disposable products are used at home in large quantities, such as food films, paper towels, makeup remover cottons, toothbrushes, etc. We buy them, use them then we throw them in the trash and we buy them again, we use them, we throw them away and indefinitely! Fortunately for those who wish to change this, there are many sustainable alternatives exist for many everyday products!

Let's do a check in in the kitchen...

4- Food packaging beeswax

The beeswax food wrap (that of the brand Abeego for example), will perfectly replace plastic cling film: the famous "saran wrap" (which, moreover, is not always easy to use, it tears anyhow, sticks on itself, in short, a real pain!).

This washable film allows you to preserve your food in a natural way, longer by letting it breathe! It can last up to 1 year or more and since it is made of natural material (fabric in hemp fibers and organic cotton, infused with beeswax, rtree resin and organic jojoba oil) you can get rid of it by putting it in the compost once it is used up! 

5- Opt for reusable flat covers and reusable bowl covers 


6- The disposable paper towel can also be replaced by a reusable paper towel. 

Kliin reusable paper towels are super absorbent, made from natural fibers, machine washable up to 300 times and compostable. 

7- An alternative to yellow and green dish sponges? Yes yes it exists! And we even have several options!  

There are indeed sponges Fabric, washable and reusable and others made of natural material, therefore biodegradable (natural loofah sponge, or thescouring sponge coconut fiber).

Oh yes! Do not forget our famous rechargeable and compostable dish brush! This wooden and vegetable fiber dish brush will make your dishes shine! Once worn, replace the head and throw the old one in the compost. 

In the bathroom also it is possible to replace ...

8- The oriculi (yes yes you read that right!)

You can replace the Q-tips with theoriculi: the ear cure reusable bamboo (therefore compostable!) par excellence, which will gently remove the wax located at the entrance to the ear canal (in addition, we know that cotton swabs are not ideal for the ears; they can cause eczema or form plugs of earwax).

9- The biodegradable bamboo toothbrush

This toothbrush with a bamboo handle will replace the traditional disposable plastic toothbrush, which you can combine with a solid toothpaste (which is roughly equivalent to two tubes of toothpaste), or buy toothpaste in bulk

10- Replace bottled and water-based products with "solid" products.

Also in solid products, you will find solid deodorants, bar shampoos and bar conditioners which you can also purchase without packaging. These products are particularly eco-friendly because, in addition to being without packaging, they are made without water to save water resources and with natural ingredients that are gentle on the hair. Ecological and economical, a bar shampoo will last longer than a liquid shampoo. Depending on its brand, it can last you between 40 and 75 uses. It is equivalent to about two bottles of liquid shampoo. Also ideal for travel! You will find brands Lamazuna, BKIND et Unwrapped Life on our online store!

11- ALLO the beautiful washable make-up removing pads !!

You can then swap your disposable cotton pads for washable makeup remover pads, just like your disposable handkerchiefs by tissue handkerchiefs, (like our grandparents ... my grandmother always has her famous fabric handkerchief in her pocket, a must have!) They are also much less irritating for our little nose!

12- Reusable sanitary napkins, why not ?! 

Finally, why not exchange disposable sanitary napkins for reusable sanitary napkins !? You will save a lot of money, because you will no longer need to buy its packs of sanitary napkins every month! And if you are wondering how to carry dirty towels all day, know that there are nice waterproof pockets with a part for the clean and one for the used towels!

It is normal that they can remain stained but tell yourself that only you can see it and that anyway, they will be stained again next time. Quick tip: soak them in water with sodium percarbonate to reduce the appearance of stains. 

The big advantage is also that they are made of natural materials (organic cotton, hemp and bamboo viscose, highly absorbent), without chemicals that are found in most disposable towels, and which can cause irritation, infections. ... in short, harmful to our health and also to the environment (these towels, like many of the disposable and plastic products mentioned above, take hundreds of years to degrade) 

In the office or on the go there is also a way to limit your waste ... 

13- The reusable water bottle (why do plastic water bottles still exist ????)

The reusable stainless steel water bottles are easy to take with you everywhere is one of the easiest alternatives to adopt! The stainless steel insulating bottle S'well will keep your drinks cold as well as hot! In addition, they exist in several models and patterns, super beautiful !!


14- No more single-use coffee cups! 

There are many reusable coffee mug designs available today. The brand joco offers super beautiful reusable glass coffee mugs. Don't hesitate to ask the barista to pour your favorite coffee into your reusable mug. Many cafes are now offering a discount when you bring your own mug!


15- For a zero waste lunch (or almost!)

Use a snack bag reusable to replace the bag Zip lock. This bag can also be used as a bulk bag. Or you can use the beeswax wrappers mentioned above to wrap sandwiches and some snacks!



Also, for lunch or even to go on a picnic, you can keep with you, in your handbag, a set ofreusable bamboo utensils, light and practical, also ideal for travel! 

Above all, say no to plastic straws and yes to our reusable stainless steel or bamboo straws, and between us, much more aesthetic! 



As you have seen, reducing your use of plastic goes hand in hand with reducing waste in general.

There are many alternatives to our everyday products. It is possible to find them at affordable prices. Big plus: most of the products mentioned above are made in Quebec and Montreal, which further reduces the environmental impact

For some products, it's a small investment, but you will see that in the long term these are savings and zero impact on the environment!

Of course, we can never be perfect in the way we consume, there is no such thing as perfection! Every little gesture counts, the important thing is to participate, at your level, according to your possibilities and choices!