How to properly apply my eye contour treatment?

How to properly apply my eye contour treatment?

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We are often asked the question: "how to properly apply my eye contour treatment?". Although not often discussed, this question is quite relevant! So we decided to talk to you about it today. 

What is an eye contour treatment used for and why should I use it?

 The eye contour will be used for several things:

  • The eye area is an area where the skin is very thin and sensitive so we will need a lot more hydration compared to the rest of the face.
  • The eye contour treatment will therefore help fight against fine lines from dehydration and / or the wrinkles of aging.
  • Most eye treatments will also help with congestion causing bags and dark circles under the eyes. It is for this reason that they often contain coffee or matcha, as the caffeine helps blood circulation, reducing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

All these things make eye care a product in its own right that we should all use when we feel concerned by the problems mentioned above.

What are the different types of eye contour treatments?

At Klova we offer several eye contour treatments, often with different textures. Some are in fluid cream, others in the form of oil, gel, others in balm… There is something for everyone!

Eye contour oils

Let's start with the oily textures, for example with the eye contour serum from Wildcraft which is turmeric which will be in roll-on form, very practical to use for beginners of the eye contour who do not know the eye area well. apply. Then we have an oily alternative from the Artémis brand which is in a pipette bottle.


Wildcraft eye contour serum with roll-on ball  


Eye contour serum with pipette (Artémis)


Eye creams

Let's continue with the creamy texture, like for example that of Idoine, which is a great anti-wrinkle and the Ora of Zorah which is absolutely incredible! 


Ora - Eye cream (Zorah)

Anti-wrinkle eye cream (Idoine)


Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream (Pravi)


Balms eye contour

Finally, we will have the balm textures, with their cute packaging and which are super practical to take everywhere!

This texture will be very pleasant to use but a little more complicated to work with when you are less used to it. 

In terms of balms, we will have Matcha coffee and Pink Argan from Deux Cosmetics.

Matcha coffee will be your ally in dark circles and puffiness. 

Eye contour balm - Matcha & Café (Two cosmetics)


The argan and rose balm is really there to "cocoon" sensitive skin, nourish the dry eye area and smooth fine lines from dehydration and signs of aging.

Eye contour balm - Argan & Rose (Two cosmetics)


But how do you use your eye area?

We realized that eye contour care was often applied incorrectly, or at least not in the right place.

The majority of our clients apply their eye contour directly under the eye. Unfortunately this application is not necessarily effective.

The eye contour will work by capillary action! You have the blood vessels under your eye and then the blood capillaries (which are much smaller and thinner). 

It is necessary to apply the treatment lower under the eye for it to be effective, because it is the blood capillaries which make go up the assets towards the eye. If the product is applied directly under the eye, it will not “circulate” as it should and will not necessarily act on the area to be treated. We therefore advise you to apply your treatment to the bone of the cheekbone (see video at the end of the article 2:35 min).

You just have to take a little product, then dab to penetrate the treatment by making an upward movement to smooth the skin and the blood capillaries will take care of the rest.

Are there any contraindications for the eye contours?

Caution : do not apply oily eye contours above the eyes (eyelids, etc.) because they can run and very often they contain essential oils.

Our favorite eye contour treatment! 

One of our favorite eye contour treatments for its effectiveness and practicality (you can apply it over the entire eye region, including the eyelids) is the Zorah Ora eye cream. It is also the most concentrated in active and easy to apply.

And There you go ! 

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to write to us, we will be happy to help you choose the product that suits you best.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this article, and we'll see you very soon!