Cuillère à masque en bambou spoon Cocooning Love
Cuillère à masque en bambou spoon Cocooning Love

Bamboo mask spoon

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Just for the sake of beauty or useful?

At Klova we offer a good number of clay-based face masks.

Green, pink, white clay ... There is something for all skin types!

But you saw it, these treatments require that we mix them ourselves!

For this, do not use a metal bowl or utensil. This is why we offer these small mask spoons at the store.

But why ?

The metal causes clay to lose a large part of its nutrients which are so good for the body and the skin.

If you want to preserve all the benefits of your masks, it is essential to use a wooden spoon.

For a more "scientific" explanation: 

Clays have the capacity to adsorb, that is to say to fix molecules on their surface. This ability to fix molecules comes from the fact that clays are negatively charged. The negative charge is explained by the presence of minerals (the more the clay is concentrated in mineral salts, the more it will be negatively charged).
When the clay is in solution (mixed with water for example) it will attract the contrary positive ions of this solution and will be able to exchange them once in contact with the skin. The clay will therefore remineralize and detoxify the skin, by exchanging its mineral salts with toxins and impurities in the skin.
This phenomenon allows the clay to convey active ingredients and to restore them to the skin.

But the problem is, if the clay interferes with a metal, all of that ion exchange is going to interfere.

Voila, you know everything!

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